Do you have some garden waste to get rid of and wondering if skip hires companies will accept them or not? There are strict rules about what you can put in a skip and what you can not. Keep reading to get answers like, can I put tree stumps in a skip.

Can I put tree stumps in a skip?

Yes, it is possible to put tree stumps in a skip. If you want to put a lot of it, let them know before they arrive to collect the wastes. Maybe they can have a particular service for the garden waste skip.However, if you have different types of waste to get rid of, let them know that you are looking for the general mixed waste skip. But, don’t worry if you forget to mention, if it is essential for them, they will ask you about the waste.
There are some waste products you cant put in a skip. The skip wastes are used to make recycled products or biofertilizers. So you mustn’t put any item that is harmful to the process.

Garden waste typically include leaves flowers grass weeds tree bark and pruned branches, which should not have any problems with the recycling process. But as I mentioned earlier, if you have one type of waste, you should let the skip service know before the waste disposal.

Generally, there should not be any problem with gardening stuff and household waste except some. We will discuss those in the next section.

There is another essential thing to remember. The skip service comes in different skip sizes depending on your waste. Select the skip type accordingly. However, if you are a new consumer of skip hire services, it can be hard to guess the right size of the skip.

If you garden soil with your tree stumps, let them know about the soil as a high volume of soil treated can be challenging for the trucks to pick up.

Things you can put in a skip

Here is a list of things you can put in a skip. The list is generalized. We will mention the don’ts in the next section.

  • Cardboard and cardboard boxes
  • Construction wastes
  • Household wastes
  • Newspaper and magazines
  • Mixed wastes
  • Timber wastes
  • Wooden furniture wastes
  • Plastic wastes

Some skip hires companies do not accept special household wastes such as mattresses, foams etc. They will let you know if there is anything like that.

Things you cant put in a skip

There is some hazardous waste you can not put in the skip. Your contents should not include:

  • Battery
  • Asbestos
  • Fridge and freezers
  • Paints
  • Chemical wastes
  • Car tires
  • Acids

Old batteries have toxic chemicals which can be harmful to the recycling process and even cause a fire. You cant keep asbestos because of its poisonous nature. You will need a particular type of skip hire service who have permission to collect those waste.
Before you hire a skip, make sure your wastes do not have those wastes.

Final thoughts

​Waste skips take tree stumps and green waste without any complaints, but it’s best to let them know your waste type. You cant put chemical and toxic waste in a skip. Choose the skip size after having a clear understanding of the waste amount. This was all about the question-related article, can I put tree stumps in a skip.

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