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Following one of our tree pruning, cutting or removal operations, we often end up with a fairly large quantity of wood debris. We then take care of collecting them, but also of transforming them. What used to be waste becomes a very useful new product, thanks to our wood chipper. You can choose to keep the wood chips we produced, or we can leave with them to distribute them to other people. 

If you have been tolerating a pile of branches of varying sizes for some time, perhaps even several years, contact us at 913-815-8427 so that we can take care of shredding them. Here are a few good reasons to call us to get rid of your wood debris.

Freeing up space

The transformation of branches into wood chips frees up valuable space on your property. This area can once again be enjoyed by the whole family to play, including your pets.

​With the space freed up, it will be easier for you to mow the lawn. In addition, your yard will have a better visual aspect and you will surely feel more comfortable receiving guests!

Ensuring safety 

Not only does the pile of rotting branches attracts vermin potentially harmful to your family, but it also poses a risk of accidents. Sooner or later, children and pets playing in the yard are likely to end up tripping over the branches and injuring themselves. Or they will be curious and voluntarily go out to explore the stack. Eliminate any risk of accidents, injuries and infections by asking us to shred the branches for you.  

Avoiding pests 

Decaying wood is an interesting environment for different types of pests. It allows the development of sometimes odorous and toxic fungi, it attracts insects and it invites small animals, such as raccoons, porcupines and skunks. Do not wait for this teeming environment to cause problems for your children or pets, and contact us immediately so that we can take care of freeing you from the pile of rotting branches.  


Another good reason to have the wood shredded instead of letting it rot on your property is that you give it a second life. Hardwood tree branches turned into wood chips can be recycled into mulch for landscaping, litter for small animals such as rabbits or hamsters, or fuel for heating. These chips can also be used for composting or in a dry toilet. As for coniferous wood chips, they are perfect for forest trails, since they are more acidic. We do not recommend using them in your garden. If you do not find any use for the wood chips, we will be able to redistribute them to interested clients. 

Saving time 

You could, of course, try to manually reduce wood debris into smaller usable pieces with an axe or chainsaw. However, using a Olathe wood chipper is much faster. Renting this machinery, and all the steps and manipulations it entails, would also take you a lot of time. By delegating the task to us, you can ensure that the job is done quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is give us a call! 

Hiring professionals Olathe Wood Chipper 

We strongly advise against renting a wood chipper and trying to shred your piles of branches on your own. This equipment is very dangerous and should only be handled by competent professionals. Also, you might be put off by the rental price, which usually hovers around a couple of hundred dollars a day.  

Contact us to schedule an appointment for our tree shredding service. We work in a safe manner and we have all the necessary insurance in case of a glitch. You will once again be able to fully enjoy your property!

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