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The force of nature is unpredictable and sometimes violent. A storm, a tornado or simply strong winds can create significant damage to your property. Whether you have found yourself with tree branches scattered all over your property or a mature tree fallen on your home, call us now at (913) 914-2020 so we can come to your rescue. At Total Tree Service, our team of experienced professionals will clear the wood debris from your property quickly and efficiently or any kind of emergency tree service.  


We are not afraid to tackle the biggest and riskiest tasks. This includes an entire tree that has been uprooted by a storm and have ended up on the ground, on your home or on your car. We also take care of damage caused by a fallen section of a tree, a partially cracked trunk, broken branches or a partially uprooted tree.

​Not only may these circumstances have seriously damaged your property, but they may also have created obstructions. For example, you may no longer be able to move your car or enter through the front door of your house.


Our priority is to remove any wood debris that threatens your safety or obstructs the passage, so that you can return to your normal life quickly. Then, we take all necessary steps to protect your family and valuables from potential accidents in the future, as well as to ensure the health and longevity of your trees as much as possible. A tree whose branches have been broken by a storm must be pruned to remove sharp edges and promote healthy growth afterwards. A tree whose structure or certain sections have been destabilized must be consolidated by cables, which is called the tree bracing method. The same technique applies in the case of a slightly cracked trunk, or in the case of a partially uprooted and tilted tree. If a tree has been badly damaged and pruning or cabling will not save it, we will have to cut it down for your own protection. We will complete our intervention by branch shredding and stump grinding if necessary. 


Following an emergency situation such as a storm that has caused damage, we not only solve immediate problems, but we also have the opportunity to carefully examine your trees with the intention of anticipating future problems. Prevention is better than cure! Therefore, the best thing to do is not to wait until there is an emergency before making an appointment with us for an evaluation. By pruning your trees regularly every year, we remove dead, weakened, diseased or damaged branches, since they can fall easily in strong winds. Pruning also allows air to better pass through the branches and lightens the head of the tree so that it will be more resistant in a storm. Pruning young trees allows the development of deep roots and a more balanced branch structure, which will be useful in bad weather as well. 

24 hr Emergency Tree Service Olathe KS 

It is very important to hire professionals after a storm rather than trying to pick up branches or saw a fallen tree on your own. The risk of injury is high, as is the risk of increased damage. When our team of skilled specialists removes wood debris, they work to minimizes damage to your property.  

If you have an emergency situation related to your trees, contact us and we will respond promptly. We will clean your property thoroughly and safely. Rather than taking advantage of your distress to extract the maximum amount of money from you like some of our competitors, we will charge you a price that is as reasonable as possible. Finally, our work is covered by liability insurance in case of unforeseen events beyond our control. Call us at (913) 914-2020 for any tree service in Olathe area. ​
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